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In 2016, the citizens of Massachusetts voted “yes” on Question 4 to legalize recreational sales of cannabis to adults aged 21 years and older. If you are interested in recreational cannabis, here are some things to know.

You Must Be Over 21

Any person over the age of 21 can enter a retail cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts and will be required to present a government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license, ID card or passport) for verification.

Please note, we do not accept international driver’s licenses; instead, please bring your passport.

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The Legal Limit

A recreational consumer can purchase up to 1 oz of flower, 5 g of concentrate and 500 mg of THC in Edibles. Certain potency restrictions, including a 5 mg serving size limit for edibles, will apply to non-medical products.

Please check our menu or Reserve Ahead for the most up-to-date limits.

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How to Pay

You have a few options on how to pay for your cannabis in store:

  1. Bring Cash
  2. ATMs on site to get cash
  3. CanPay (available in store and if paying directly on our website)
  4. Cashless ATM aka using your debit card at the register

Sadly, we do not take credit cards at this time.

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Order Online, Avoid Lines

Both medical and recreational cannabis are in high demand right now. This means that there can often be long lines at Massachusetts dispensaries.

In order to avoid long waits for our patients and customers, we keep our product well-stocked and provide many register stations for visitors to check out. Our staff is trained to be friendly, helpful and efficient so you never have to wait.

If you want to avoid any possibility of lines, order online! We will text you when your order is ready and you can come pick up your recreational cannabis products.

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Fine Fettle Loyalty Program

Join the Fine Fettle Loyalty Program and, in addition to our wide range of cannabis products and accessories, you’ll get access to exclusive monthly rewards, special giveaways, promotional events, and much more!