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Committed to Our Community, Committed to Our Planet

At Fine Fettle, we are committed to doing good and to going above and beyond. That means active involvement in our community and state, and stewardship of the planet and humanity. The commitment to making the world a better place spans across Fine Fettle.

Central to our mission is righting the wrongs caused by the War on Drugs: We believe that social equity and justice must be at the center of the industry’s focus.

We also believe in the importance of making an impact through cultural commitment. As part of our benefits package, we grant every single employee paid volunteer days to do things that matter to them. It’s directly related to one of our core values: cherishing our people and our local communities.

That commitment starts at the top. Our leadership teams sit on boards, donate dollars and time, and take active roles in mentorship programs across the cannabis supply chain. We join the Chambers of Commerce in the communities we serve, support our local universities, work with area addiction services, and help educate and serve those in our towns.

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Proactive Involvement

We don’t just talk about serving our communities at Fine Fettle—we live it. Here are examples of the initiatives we’ve undertaken or support:

Research & Education

Health & Recovery

  • The Root Center, a nonprofit addiction services center.
  • 24 Hr. Power, Inc., a nonprofit that promotes hope and healing for recovering addicts/alcoholics, their families, friends, supports, and their communities.
  • Vineyard House provides housing for Island men and women in need of a safe structured living environment while they are in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
  • UConn Health is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain healthy lives and restoring wellness/health to maximum attainable levels.

Advocacy Organizations

  • Real Men Wear Pink, a group of community leaders working to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society.
  • The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ young people.
  • The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to criminal justice reform.

Community Services

  • Fine Fettle offers 10% discounts to reduce the costs for those with hardships, seniors, and veterans.
  • Martha’s Vineyard Community Services commits their unique experience, expertise and compassion to help our entire community be as vibrant, strong, and healthy as it can be.
  • Berkshire County Arc serves children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism, and brain injuries, and individuals who need assistance with daily living.
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Fine Fettle Loyalty Program

Join the Fine Fettle Loyalty Program and, in addition to our wide range of cannabis products and accessories, you’ll get access to exclusive monthly rewards, special giveaways, promotional events, and much more!