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Unlock a world of benefits with our Rewards Program! At Fine Fettle, we believe in giving back to our valued customers. Designed with you in mind, our Rewards Program offers an effortless way to earn exciting rewards while you shop! And it’s totally FREE! Sign up today!

Our NEW Fine Fettle Loyalty Program Is Here!

We’ve upgraded the Fine Fettle Rewards loyalty program!  We're cranking up the rewards with deeper discounts, sample drops, and exclusive products - just for you! We value your loyalty, and we're stepping up our game to make your Fine Fettle experience even more awesome.

Let’s get something out of the way! ALL of your existing points have rolled over to the new program and be worth just as much, if not more! Our new and improved loyalty program allows you to utilize your points on purchases you truly desire! Additionally, you can use rewards across all our locations in Connecticut & Massachusetts!

Why the change?

Our commitment is to continuously rejuvenate Fine Fettle and ensure our community members feel valued and appreciated. We believe it’s important to implement a loyalty program that stands out as the industry's finest, offering an exceptional avenue to accumulate points for products and gain early access to promotions, exclusive discounts, limited edition items, and much more! Our loyalty members truly receive an abundance of benefits. We believe in rewarding our most devoted customers by enriching your experience with us. Expect more flexibility, more thrill, and greater value for your buck.

Understanding that our customers have varied needs and preferences, we’ve introduced a tiered loyalty system, we now have 3 tiers – Silver Haze, Gold Kush, and Platinum OG – each offering escalating rewards and benefits. This structure ensures that the more you shop with us, the more we give back, celebrating your loyalty with:

  • Increased Points Accrual: Accumulate points more swiftly with each tier advancement, enhancing the value of every transaction. As a Silver Member, accrue one point for every dollar spent. Elevate to Gold Member status to receive 1.5 points per dollar, and achieve Platinum tier to garner two points for each dollar expended
  • Enhanced Discounts: Enjoy deeper discounts and exclusive deals tailored to your tier, from Silver to Platinum.
  • Priority Access: Members receive first dibs on new releases and limited-edition products.
  • Customized Offers: Our new loyalty program is designed to match your preferences, ensuring that the benefits you receive are what you truly desire.

Have some burning questions about our new & improved loyalty program? We're here to help!

What's happening to my current loyalty points?

Rest assured, your hard-earned points are safe! Any points you have within your wallet will be in your new wallet.

Who is eligible to join?

Our rewards program is FREE for all our customers who decide to register and are legally 21 years of age, are residents of Massachusetts or Connecticut, or are 18 and hold a valid medical card. Get started with loyalty today!

How do I join the Loyalty Program?

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. SIGN-UP: Start earning points with every purchase after you sign up. Our team can even help you sign up in-store, and you start earning towards your next visit (points are not earned on tax).
  2. EARN: Every time you purchase, you earn more points that you can apply at three thresholds: $5, $10, and $30 off in our Massachusetts stores and $10, $20 and $50 off in our Connecticut stores. Providing a valid phone number and email address is key to accurately earning points each time you shop with us.
  3. REDEEM: You can check your points balance and available rewards anytime and anywhere when you log in to your wallet. At check-out, inform our budtenders you would like to redeem your reward. Once our budtenders have validated your reward selection, we will add your reward item to your order and complete your transaction.  Of course, we are always happy to help look up your points while you’re visiting any of our retail locations, and we’ll remind you when you hit one of our three reward thresholds.

Pro-Tip: When you activate your Fine Fettle Rewards account, hit that opt-in / subscribe button or you’ll miss out on your customized offers! Without that opt-in, we can’t fill your digital wallet with all the goodies!

You’ll be able to place online orders, claim exclusive discounts, track your points balance, and receive special birthday discounts & rewards!

How can I earn points?

Rewards or loyalty points are earned with every purchase for our members.* All loyalty members receive points for each purchase that can then be redeemed towards the cost of future purchases. As a reminder, your points will be earned on purchases, pre-tax.

*Points may take up to 24 hours to properly showcase in your wallet after purchase.

Do my points expire in the new loyalty program?

Not as long as you shop once with us within a 200-day window. We’d miss you too much otherwise.

Stuff the lawyer made us say:

Fine Fettle Loyalty Rewards Points are non-transferable & are not redeemable for cash.

Fine Fettle Loyalty Program Rewards Points begin to accumulate when you join the program, opt-in and complete your first purchase.

Fine Fettle reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges and void a member’s point balance and rewards if any unauthorized points are earned or redeemed or if there is any unauthorized use of the program. Fine Fettle reserves the right to modify or cancel the Fine Fettle Rewards Loyalty Program at any time and without notice.

How often will you text or email me?

You can expect an average of one text and one email per week from us. We promise not to be too extra.

Do I need a smartphone to join?

Not a bit. You can access your Loyalty Program Wallet from any internet-connected device. Our retail staff are also happy to check on your rewards or provide assistance in-store.

What will you do with my information? Do you share it?

No. We do not share or sell your personal information.

Join Us

We invite you to experience the new era of cannabis retail with Fine Fettle's Next-Level loyalty program. Discover the difference of being not just a customer, but a valued member of the Fine Fettle family. Join today & start earning points on every purchase!

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Invite Buds, Earn Rewards!
Spread joy by sharing your unique referral link through the Fine Fettle app. Each time a friend joins and completes a purchase, both you and your friend get a $10 credit for your next buy. The best part? Unlimited referrals! The more buds you bring aboard, the more you gain.

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Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy discounts available ONLY to our Rewards Members

Early Access: Be among the first to know about new arrivals and get early access to exciting sales events

Birthday Treat: Celebrate your day with a special discount from us

Redeem for Rewards: Use your points to choose from a variety of rewards or discounts

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