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Ever wondered how cannabis goes from seed to top-quality product at your local Fine Fettle store? We proudly grow our own in designated, sustainable facilities, combining time-proven methods and state-of-the-art systems for the highest-quality cannabis.

Martha’s Vineyard

On Martha’s Vineyard, our cultivation facility is the only on the island. In our 7,500 square foot building, we clone, grow, extract, process, cook, and package all of the cannabis product available in Martha’s Vineyard.

We use only vegan and gluten-free ingredients to create our unique products as we strive to make natural, environmentally sustainable, and locally sourced products.

Photo of Martha's Vineyard growing facility


Welcome to our farm in Hinsdale! Our twenty-acre cannabis farm is located high under the sun on flat land in the Berkshires. Using the power of the sun and the ground, we grow cannabis the way it has been done around the world for thousands of years. Using the wind, sun, and soil, we grow rich, flavorful, and pure marijuana for both the medical and recreational markets in Massachusetts. On the farm, we have a state of the art hydrocarbon extraction system that keeps the essence of our sun grown plant, but turned into live products for the health, wellness, and enjoyment of the people of Massachusetts.

Photo of Hinsdale growing facility

Cultivation Stages

Inside our big red barn, we take our cannabis and extract it in a state of the art laboratory and production facility, creating products that focus on the naturally derived terpenes and cannabinoids, creating flavors that just are not possible from an indoor cultivation facility.

Below is an outline of the cultivation stages of our plants—from mother plants being kept for cloning through packaging for sale—along with the duration of each stage.

  1. Mother plants kept for cloning: Preparation of genetics for next "harvest cycle." We either use clones of our mother plants or start directly from seeds.
  2. Clones cut/care: 14 days
  3. Transplant into Veg 1: 7 days; The plant phase after germination of seeds/clones, but prior to "flowering."
  4. Veg 2, Top and Skirt: 7 days; Plants are watered, fed nutrients, given specific light on/off schedules, and kept at specific temperature and humidity levels.
  5. Veg 3: 7 days
  6. Flower WK1, Load, Trellis: 7 days
  7. Flower WK2: 7 days
  8. Flower WK3, Bottom Prune: 7 days; Prune plants to ensure energy is focused on flower
  9. Flower WK4: 7 days
  10. Flower WK5: 7 days
  11. Flower WK6: 7 days
  12. Flower WK7: 7 days
  13. Flower WK8: 7 days
  14. Flower WK9, Harvest prep: 7 days
  15. Harvest: 1 day; Cut down plants!
  16. Dry: 10-14 days; Allow moisture to leave plant cycle, generally losing 85% of plant weight from wet plant.
  17. Buck: 1-3 days; Remove flower from plants, removing leaves, stems, etc.
  18. Lab Tests: 7-10 days; Test plant material for heavy metals, cannabanoid profile, moisture, microbials. On the mainland, this is done by an outsourced Independent Testing Lab. On the island, we complete all testing in house
  19. Trim
  20. Package flower for sale: Weighing, quality control, packaging
Illustration of Hinsdale cultivation facility

Fine Fettle Rewards

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