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Know the laws for Massachusetts Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

18+ for Medical Patients | 21+ for Recreational Use


  • NO Public Consumption- $100
  • Open Container violation- $500
  • Keep your cannabis sealed, secure, and out of reach while driving.
  • Possession of 1oz-2oz outside your home- $100
  • Underage possession, without a qualifying registration card. – $100 & drug awareness program.
  • Furnishing cannabis to someone under 21 years old – $2,000 and a year in jail.
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  • 18+ can possess a 60-day supply, or up to 10 ounces in any form.
  • 21 + can possess up to 1 oz but only 5 grams can be in a concentrated form.
  • Possession at your primary residence can be up to 10 oz and any cannabis produced from the allowable 12 plants cultivated on site.
  • Keep in a locked secure room!
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  • It is illegal to sell cannabis or cannabis products to any other individual.
  • Gifts up to the legal possession limits to those 21+ are allowed in private.

Looking for more information? Click below to visit the Massachusetts Cannabis Control website.

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