Patient Registration

For any help, please email us at, call us at 978-432-2147, or come into the
dispensary and our staff will help you register with the state.

1. Visit Your Doctor

The first step in becoming a registered medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts is to get a doctor’s certification.

A. Schedule a visit. Your family doctor or a specialist is a good place to start. Be straightforward. Explain why you feel medical marijuana can be helpful and ask if he or she is willing to certify you. It should be no different than discussing other potential treatment options with your doctor.

B. If your doctor can’t certify you, you can search on our map to find local doctors that specialize in and understand medical marijuana treatments.

C. Once you receive your certification, it can last up to 1 year or you may only be certified for a shorter period. Be sure to keep tabs on expiration dates.

D. Once you are certified, it’s time to register with the state’s Medical Use Of Marijuana Online System. Click here for step-by-step registration instructions.


2. Register Online

A. If you receive certification from your doctor, you will then need to register online at the virtual gateway website

B. Make sure you have: Internet access, the email you received from the CCC with your Pin, access to a scanner or a mobile phone/devices capable of uploading documents, Photo identification, Proof of Residency (Only if you’re not using a MA ID with current address), a photograph of yourself (or you might be able to automatically upload your MA license photo.

C. Upload all of the above documents to your computer. If you are having trouble, feel free to come to Fine Fettle and we will help you out!

D. Head to the MMJ Registration Website

E. Input your information, pay online, and submit your application.

F. After a few days, you should receive a temporary card. Once received, you can print and bring it to the dispensary to shop! Keep using this temporary card until your official card comes in the mail!

3. Key Things to Note

A. The MMJ Online System times out after 30 minutes of inactivity

B. You must carry your program ID card at all times while in possession of medical marijuana

C. Take note of your doctor’s certification date. It’s different than your annual registration with the state, and needs to be active in order for you to visit a dispensary or possess medical marijuana

D. For more questions about the process, click this link for the Massachusetts State Guide