Adult Use

What Do You Mean by Adult Use

In 2016, the citizens of Massachusetts voted “yes” on Question 4 to legalize recreation sales of marijuana to adults age 21 years and older. The regulation of medical marijuana remains unchanged. Details of the law relevant to the retail experience include:

Any person over the age of 21 can enter a retail marijuana dispensary and will be required to present a government-issued ID (e.g. driver’s license, ID card or passport) for verification. Please note, we do not accept international driver’s licenses. Please bring your passport.

An adult use consumer can purchase up to 1oz of flower or 5 grams of concentrate. Please check our menu or Reserve Ahead for the most up-to-date limits.
Certain potency restrictions, including a 5mg serving size limit for edibles, will apply to non-medical products.

Lines, lines, lines.

We know that the news talks about really long lines and wait times. We have a product a lot of people want. So, we have many registers, we try and stock all the product we can, and we have trained our staff to be as fast and efficient as possible. To speed up the process you can order online and skip the standard line when you visit. Once we text you that your order is ready, you can come to pick up your marijuana products.

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