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Testing and Safety of Medication in Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program

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Recently reported changes to testing standards for Connecticut’s medical marijuana program have provoked safety concerns about our state’s program.

At Fine Fettle, we take pride in our patient-focused, educational approach. And so, we feel that it’s our responsibility to address this news in the same, sensible manner.

Most importantly, we want you to know that the medication you buy in the dispensary is safe. Our confidence in this statement is based primarily on two factors:

  1. Total Yeast and Mold (TYM) testing
  2. The testing of specific, unsafe microorganisms (i.e., certain types of mold)

What We Know About Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Testing

  • The presence of yeast and mold in cannabis is 100% normal, no matter where you buy it. In fact, it would be unnatural for cannabis to have undetectable levels. Such a product would—quite literally—dissolve in your hand like dust.
  • It has become clear that the two testing labs in Connecticut were using different standards to pass products. While the standards are at safe levels, inconsistencies across different labs is an issue. Similar to Connecticut’s 18 dispensaries and the four cannabis producers, the labs should be held to a consistent and high standard.
  • Some states don’t require testing of medical marijuana whatsoever.
  • Connecticut specifically tests for mold types known to be unsafe for consumption. This standard is stricter and more specific than other states.
  • When you buy marijuana at the dispensary, you have access to more information about that product than if you were to buy it anywhere else.  This information includes cannabinoid and terpene profiles and other testing data. If you visit the CTMMP Brand Registry and click the link under "Lab Analysis," you can get lab results for any product in the medical marijuana program. Each product has an associated NDC.
  • The labs in Connecticut don’t yet accept home grow products for testing. Furthermore, mailing cannabis for testing can break federal laws.
  • Not convinced about the natural relationship between cannabis and microbials? Try sticking to products that have gone through a solvent-driven extraction process. This method is likely to eradicate the highest degree of microbes (a concept that will be reflected in testing data).

What We Want to See in Connecticut’s Testing

  • All cannabis products tested in Connecticut should be held to the same standard, no matter who is testing. Two different standards are problematic.
  • There should be full transparency around the rules and regulations. Changes should be announced in a public forum that’s readily accessible to all.
  • The Department of Consumer protection is currently holding a public comment period regarding the proposed regulation of testing in the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program’s (CT MMP) until February 1, 2022, codifying testing regulations that require testing of specific microorganisms and consistent testing standards. This consistency is a great outcome for the confidence, health, and safety of patients. Connecticut should test for Aspergillus, among other harmful molds, to ensure their complete absence from cannabis products.

Worried or Have a Problem with Your Cannabis?

We hope to see consistent, transparent testing standards in Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. These bolstered standards should set a precedent for the state's impending adult-use program.

If you ever worry or have a problem with a cannabis product, notify your dispensary, the cultivator, and the Department of Consumer Protection. Additional tests and checks for safety can occur.

In 30 months of operation, Fine Fettle has been consistent with our core values, with a focus on the health and well-being of all medical marijuana patients.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and are honored by our inclusion in the CT MMP. Fine Fettle dispensaries have helped thousands of patients acquire high quality medical marijuana products and transform their lives for the better.

Fine Fettle Advocates for You

We’re a Connecticut company who cares deeply about the education, health, and safety of our patients. We thank you for your continued support and will continue to advocate to tailor the CT MMP to your needs.

Have a question about your health and safety with cannabis? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to or

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