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What Rec Marijuana Passing in CT Means for Patients - Fine Fettle

Ned Lamont legalizing recreational marijuana

Recreational Marijuana Passes in Connecticut. What Does That Mean for Patients?

On June 22, Governor Ned Lamont signed into law the legalization of recreational marijuana in Connecticut. It was an exciting day for Connecticut and our marijuana industry. It has also brought a lot of questions from medical patients. We're here to answer those!

Should I keep my medical marijuana card?

We think the answer to that is a resounding, "YES!" Recreational marijuana will be taxed at 23% in Connecticut. Medical marijuana will still have NO taxes. Concentrates will be limited to 60% THC.

What about lines? I've seen crazy lines in Connecticut dispensaries and I like how fast you are.

While more people will be coming to dispensaries, Fine Fettle will 100% be prioritizing our medical marijuana patients. There will be a medical line, medical check in windows, and medical registers. Specific plans are not yet close to finalized, but we'll work to make it all easy once the time comes.

What's happening in October with the "one dispensary rule"?

Since opening, we have been pushing to remove the so-called, "One Dispensary Rule." Even though we love having patients with Fine Fettle, we think medical marijuana should be much more easily accessible and available wherever you are in Connecticut. We also have extreme confidence patients will continue to flock to Fine Fettle because, well, we're the best!

In October, this rule will be gone. The state will likely have a central repository for patient allotments and reset dates, making it easy for you to purchase medicine from any of the 18 Connecticut dispensaries.

I read my allotment will go up to 5 ounces. Is that real?

The maximum limit per transaction is 5 oz and the possession limit is 5 oz. Language was removed from the Connecticut statute related to one-month supply requirements. The language related to one-month supply still remains in the original medical regulations. This is a long way of saying, it is still TBD how this will happen. We promise to keep you posted ASAP.

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