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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in CT

Doctor and patient wearing masks
The two most important questions are always, "Do I have a qualifying condition? Could medical marijuana be right for me?"

1. Making an Appointment

Your primary care physician generally makes sense as the first person to ask, but not all doctors in Connecticut are registered as medical marijuana prescribers. If your doctor is not, you can always reach out to us at any Fine Fettle dispensary in Connecticut for help finding a prescriber.

With telehealth now approved in Connecticut, making an appointment is easier than ever. Now, you can set up and complete the entire process from the comfort of your home!

2. Once you qualify, registration is simple

After your prescriber has registered you, there are a few online steps to complete the process and get your medical marijuana card!

  1. Receive the email from the State of CT after your prescriber registers you and your qualifying condition online.
  2. Use the email link to register on CT Biznet
  3. Log in via the email from Biznet
  4. If you want/need a caregiver, submit their information online
  5. Have a proof of residency and a photo of yourself ready
  6. Pay the $100 fee

We are always here to help

Having trouble with any step of the process? Call, email, or stop by either Fine Fettle Connecticut dispensary - Newington or Willimantic - if you get lost or flustered anywhere in the process. We are assisting patients every single day. However we can help you be in Fine Fettle, we are there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does having a CT medical marijuana card affect my employment?

Unless you are a federal worker, it is illegal for employers to discriminate if you have your medical marijuana card. An employer can have rules not allowing employees to be under the influence at work.

Can I own a gun in CT?

Yes, you can have your CCDL and CTMMP card, but you cannot purchase new guns if you have both.

If I get my CT medical marijuana card, do I keep paying more taxes?

This is a beauty of being in the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program. NO TAX! Your only fee is the $100 to the state. To compare, there is 20% tax in Massachusetts. So, if you spend $500 a year in MA, getting your card in CT already pays for itself. Additionally, prices are much lower in CT and by having your card, you have legal protections when having marijuana.

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