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Parents and Cannabis: The Canna Mom Show Advocates for the Canna-Curious

Cannabis is a hot topic right now, from state-wide legislature to smaller accomplishments. But accomplishments nevertheless.

Whether you partake in consumption yourself, or maybe it’s a close friend or family member, you’ve probably seen the posts on social media about this booming industry!

From recipes to TikTok dances to cannabis trade shows like NECANN, brands of smaller caliber have opportunities to compete with bigger title holders in this massive market.

People of all ages have been curious about the industry, and being canna-curious isn’t new. It’s important for brands to have educational materials for both consumption connoisseurs and newcomers.

Parents can have open conversations about cannabis

As the industry continues to grow and develop, there’s been more attention drawn to “safe practices” when buying and consuming at home.

Parents that once hid their consumption can now have more open discussions about cannabis, and what they use to unwind instead of wine or beer. And kids seem to be growing up at a much faster pace than ever before, with direct access to information at their fingertips.

Parents can openly joke about consuming THC/CBD gummies before bed, or having an infused-seltzer at the family BBQ! We’re hearing more and more segues into these types of conversations around consuming safely in a private space.

Parents are having a cannabis awakening

Parents have a lot on their plates already. But access to education and resources about cannabis consumption methods and effects give them an opportunity they previously may not have had.

Some parents may have had a “Cannabis awakening,” like Joyce Gerber did in 2016. With a developed network as an attorney, she decided to spearhead these conversations in the spaces she was already participating in.

Launching a podcast in 2018 was the first step Joyce took to using her built up network to educate and provoke thoughtful conversations. She wanted to not only learn the history, elevate meetings, and meet with industry leaders and professionals, but also destigmatize in person, town to town. She launched social media campaigns to connect with one another and build a community.

Advocating for canna-curious parents

Being a busy mother, wife, and worker, Joyce juggled the podcast, being in municipal meetings, and working locally with other parents.

“Cannabis can make people feel a lot better, it takes away the drama on the outside and allows you to focus in,” said Joyce, referring to spending time with her loved ones, or even a big task on hand.

Tackling the micro and macro levels, she wanted to connect people’s experiences to the other moms, caregivers, and healers. She wanted to help individuals heal through experiences and heal themselves. Joyce became a strong advocate for moms, women-identifying consumers, and wives to not be shy when they’re curious about this medicinal plant. She shows through her own actions that one individual can create a brand using leadership, honesty, transparency, and vulnerability!

“Caregivers have the respect and wisdom that we can utilize to make the industry better as a whole,” Joyce explained. “Women-identifying individuals need to meet other women-identifying individuals to do this. Part of the problem is isolation, which is based around shame.”

The Canna Mom Show is reaching parents everywhere

Starting her own podcast, The Canna Mom Show, Joyce is reaching the spaces she may have not been able to. People are listening to her on their commutes, when they wind down after work, or as they enjoy their morning coffee.

Joyce interviews women-identifying individuals in the community, industry professionals and leaders, and some folks you may not expect to be consumers or passionate about cannabis. She has created a synergy of information and a network of passionate individuals.

The cannabis industry continues to grow, change, and move at rapid rates. How has your experience with cannabis grown from your initial introduction?

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