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Information for Physicians

When you register patients to Fine Fettle Dispensary, you can feel confident and comfortable they will receive personalized care from our trained and knowledgeable staff.

We are ready and willing to partner with you to both assist you and learn from you on how to best help your patients through:

  • Office Visits. On your schedule. We will come to your practice to assist you in everything from understanding the CT State Medical Marijuana Laws, How to certify your patients to providing seminars about medical marijuana strains and dosage forms.
  • Patient Medication Therapy Management.  We partner with you to provide the best care for patients.

Some Information to Get Started

Physician Responsibilities:

Physicians can only certify patients for marijuana where there is a bona-fide physician-patient relationship, and after:

  • Completing an in-person medically reasonable assessment of the patient’s medical history, prescription history and current medical condition;
  • Diagnosing the patient as having one of the current qualifying debilitating medical conditions as defined in the law;
  • Prescribing, or determining it is not in the patient’s best interest to prescribe, prescription drugs to address the symptoms or effects for which the certification is being issued.
  • Concluding that, in the physician’s professional opinion, the potential benefits of the palliative use of marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks to the patient; and 3
  • Explaining the potential risks and benefits of the palliative use of marijuana to the patient or, where the patient lacks legal capacity, to the parent, guardian or other person having legal custody of the patient.
Prescriptions vs. Certifications

Physicians can only prescribe Schedule II-V controlled substances to their patients. The federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which means a physician cannot prescribe it. However, a physician may certify their patient for use of medical marijuana in Connecticut by utilizing the Department’s online form. The certification is valid for one year from date of certification. This will allow a patient to complete their portion of the registration process and submit all the required documents and payment fees. DECERTIFYING YOUR PATIENT A physician may decertify a patient for any reason by submitting a Physician Decertification Form to the Medical Marijuana Program. The form is available on our website at

Reviewing a Patient’s Prescription History Reports Online

Before a patient can be certified, the certifying physician must be registered with the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program at The website allows a physician to review their patient’s controlled substance history report online 24/7. This report also includes any medical marijuana dispensed to a patient by a dispensary facility.

Issuing Written Certifications

The Department will only accept written certifications from physicians for the palliative use of marijuana when the physician:

  • Has an active Connecticut medical license issued by the Connecticut Department of Public Health;
  • Practices within the State of Connecticut;
  • Has an active controlled substances registration issued by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection that is not subject to limitation;
  • Has an active Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) controlled substance registration that is not subject to limitation; and
  • Is registered with, and able to access, the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program at
For Physicians Amount of Medical Marijuana a Physician Can Certify

The maximum allowable monthly amount per patient is 2.5 ounces, unless the physician indicates a lesser amount is appropriate. Any changes to the allowable amount will be based on advice from the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians.