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Women in Cannabis

Women in Cannabis

Real Talk: Women-Identifying Professionals @ Fine Fettle Dispensary

By Brandon Wiseman, MA Marketing Coordinator

As the Cannabis Industry continues to grow into more commonplace there are still stigmas that the general public has about this medicinally diverse plant and the people who consume it. Women-Identifying budtenders, growers, managers, and leaders are breaking down the barriers of being just “working from home moms”, to industry professionals, brand owners, educators, and leading by example. I took the opportunity to interview 9 talented Women-Identifying individuals:

Q1: “How did you get involved in this industry?”

A: “I was working with children before getting into the cannabis industry - this is because I knew in life that I wanted to help others whether adults or children. With this being said I started doing my research especially with cannabis and cancer - it showed me how great cannabis really was and how it truly was a medicine more than anything else.”

A: “I've been an avid cannabis user for most of my life, as prescription medications never made me truly feel better. I went for the holistic route. Then, in 2015 my family ventured into the cannabis industry in RI. I worked in their cultivation center for several years which provided all the RI dispensaries with products. When I moved to MV I was eager to get back into the cannabis industry... and I could not have picked a better time! I am so excited to be on the retail side of the industry now and provide patients with the best quality products the vineyard has to offer.”

We are truly lucky to have customer-focused employees at Fine Fettle Dispensary who want to change the negative stigma of Cannabis consumption. Comparing reports and findings from  MJBizDaily (HighTimes) in 2019 to 2021 is surprising: falling from 29.8% to 22.1% of women holding executive positions in the industry.  In a similar vein, the percentage of people of color has also declined from 28% (2019) to only around 13.1%. On a national level 5% of Women own a Cannabis business and operate out of Massachusetts.

Q2: “How does it feel to be successful in a male-dominated industry?”

A: “It's awesome to be successful in a male-dominated industry. Looking at how far women have come vs. being known strictly as being stay at home moms it is great to be a part of a change of being a strong female figure. It's great being able to show to younger girls that it is possible.”

A: “It is???? I’m not sensitive to “male dominated” anything. I see who the successful people are and learn from them. I see only people and their hearts/spirit.”

Hearing some amazing feedback from our interviewees gives some insight into the diverse opinions and feelings behind some voices in the industry which is continuously growing and providing various levels of opportunities. Thinking about the future of this industry and the fresh faces becoming a part of this industry made a specific question rise to the surface.

Q3: “For all the other Women-Identifying people trying to make it out there, what advice do you have for them?”

A: “Don't give up. Show up every day as your best self. Get excited to start your day. Make whatever small changes are necessary to achieve big goals. and never compromise your integrity.”

A: “Be your own hype woman. Confidence is KEY! People will always try to bring you down and belittle everything that you do, but do not let them! You know what you are capable of, keep telling yourself that!”

A: “Continue to be amazing and work hard on yourself as well as in your job role. Remember that you are paving the way.”

A big thank you to the amazing industry professionals at Fine Fettle Dispensary for being open to talking about this topic with me, as well as giving our audience some valuable perspective from inside the brand.

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