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The Cannabis Bucket List for Fall: What to Do and Where to Go

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Sadly, it’s time to hang up the beach towels and pack away the rest of the summer gear. But, this is New England. So, we throw on a sweater and stay outside! The leaves are changing into bright and vibrant colors, roadside stands are overflowing with tasty seasonal produce, and everything from pet treats to pop tarts is now pumpkin spice flavored.

Seasonal changes also come with changes in tastes and activities. Adding cannabis to your fall activities make being out in the chilly, crisp air even more fun. Check out our ultimate cannabis bucket list for fall for seasonal things to do that’ll pair well with your favorite cannabis strains.

Best Cannabis Strains for Fall Activities in Rowley

When the weather’s hot and dry, taste buds tend to crave fresh, fruity things. But with fall comes the need for warm sweaters, hot drinks, and  all things cozy and warm.

When that crisp fall air sweeps in, you may want to pair the activities on your fall bucket list with a cannabis strain to match. Below are some of the cannabis strains we offer at Fine Fettle in Rowley that are perfect for fall.

  • Jack Herer — The Jack Herer sativa strain gives off earthy, peppery flavors and can make you alert, energetic, and euphoric. It’s a perfect cannabis strain for some of the more active things to do on the bucket list.
  • OG Kush — An indica strain, OG Kush is a combination of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, offering a pungent diesel, skunky aroma. This cannabis strain will help you relax and take away the aches and pains that sometimes accompany temperature drops. OG Kush can be a good choice for more sedentary fall activities.
  • Apex — A hybrid strain, Apex induces a giggly effect and a full-bodied buzz from head to toe. It’s also perfect for stimulating the appetite. Pair Apex with some of the activities on our bucket list where food is the star of the show.

Our Rowley, MA Cannabis Bucket List for Fall

Grab your jacket and your rolling papers. Below are some of the best places to go and things to do around Rowley post autumn equinox.

Go Apple Picking at Smolak Farms in North Andover

Smolak Farms offers pick-your-own apples daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Be sure to get there by 4:15 for this quintessential fall activity last call. It’s only a short 20-minute drive from Rowley. At Smolak Farms, you’ll also be treated to a weekly farmstand menu, complete with a hearty fall main course, ice cream, and baked goods.

Every weekend in October, Smolak Farms offers fun fall activities. With Covid-19 cancellations widespread, Smolak Farms is a great place to visit for fall 2020. While the activities are Covid-conscious, they’re still taking place and can be a great escape from the weekday stress. Enjoy themed hayrides, walking tours, and say hello to the farm animals.

Get a Dose of History on the Salem Witch Walk

History and Halloween lovers will enjoy the Salem Witch Walk, offering daily tours throughout fall and winter. It’s only about a half-hour drive from Rowley.

The tours begin at the historic Crow Haven Corner Garden Alley. Participate in a traditional witches circle dance, learn about modern-day witchcraft, and remember the victims of this tragedy with a history lesson.

After your walk, head on over to the Witch Dungeon Museum for a re-enactment of the trial using the original transcripts. The museum is open seven days a week throughout October.

Look Gourdeous at the Stone Zoo for Pumpkinrichment Days

Guests to Stone Zoo, located in Stoneham, MA, are gourdially invited to the annual Pumpkinrichment days on October 24 and 25. You can wear your Halloween costume and arrive by 10 am to watch your favorite animals destroy and devour pumpkins.

Learn and Get Stuffed on the Boston Pizza Tours

Little Italy in Boston is home to the Boston Pizza Tour, where you can walk, eat, and learn all about the historic North End. Halloween fan? The company also offers haunted tours throughout October. For every ticket sold, one dollar is donated to the Old North Church, a cultural icon of the city.

Enjoy the Beautiful Fall Foliage at Rough Meadows

Located off Patros Road in Rowley, Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary offers 1.6 miles of woodland trails through scenic coastal woodlands. Visit the area before dusk and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as the leaves change from summer green to brilliant shades of autumn colors.

Spot kestrels and deer. Breathe in the enchanting scent of the salt marsh when you cross this place off your cannabis fall bucket list.

After your hike, relax at one of the many local Rowley wineries and find a great wine pairing for your favorite fall cannabis strain.

Visit Fine Fettle in Rowley This Fall

Are you glad it’s finally fall? There’s no better place to experience the season than New England. Visit us at Fine Fettle in Rowley today before partaking in your favorite fall bucket list activity. Our cannabis experts will be happy to help you select a high-quality cannabis strain that’ll pair nicely with your fall event.

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