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Newest Members of the Fine Fettle Fam

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We know, last week was a bit of a shock. Change can be hard sometimes. We thank you all for any and all responses, positive and negative. Some of you have already transferred and are happy as a clam but others are still looking for answers and want to know more.

We believe in full transparency and honesty with our patients. You’ve had a lot of questions and we would love to answer those for you.

1. Tell me more about Fine Fettle.
We are a Connecticut owned and operated business. Our owners, executives, and staff are all local and care deeply about Connecticut. We partner in our communities and give back to local charities. We support cannabis research done at UConn. We root for Connecticut teams. We dearly miss the Hartford Whalers. In Connecticut’s medical marijuana program, there's not many of us left and we're the company growing and focusing on Connecticut. We are insanely proud of that.

2. You sent me five $10 gift cards. When can I use them?
These are usable after you transfer to either Willimantic or Newington, but not in Mansfield. When you're at the register, you can pull up the text message received, or the staff can find your account and use one of your coupons.

3. Are you keeping the Mansfield team I know and love? Will I know anyone when I get to a new location?
YES! The staff will not only be there after closing but also as soon as this week! We will be rotating teams across the two locations. We want friendly faces!

4. Can I still go to the Mansfield location?
For now, yes, but we plan to slow down the location by the end of May. We suggest you come into Mansfield, make a purchase with your May 20% off coupon, and then ask one of our team members to help you transfer as you're leaving the dispensary. This way, you save money and have your medication until your first visit at one of our other Fine Fettle locations.

5. I don't know how to transfer. Can you help me?
Absolutely. Here is a link on how to transfer in your BIZNET account. If you are having ANY trouble, come to Mansfield, Willimantic, or Newington and our team will help you sign in and transfer right there on the spot.

6. When I transfer, when can I purchase?
It's immediate! You do need to fill out the state-required onboarding paperwork, but that only takes a few minutes. With the new process, if you transfer online, you can purchase right away. No more waiting for DCP.

7. Fine Fettle isn't actually my most convenient location after you close. Can I go somewhere else?
Absolutely. While you won't get the $50 from us and your rewards points won't carry over, we can absolutely help you go anywhere that is most convenient.

8. Tell me more about your rewards program.
We pride ourselves on making this expensive medication most affordable. See how you EARN points in the image below. Our real special sauce is in the redemptions! You can save up to 250 dollars in one purchase! Since we are honoring your old reward points, you will likely start with even more than the first $50 in coupons we are giving you.

9. Will Fine Fettle carry the products I like?
Absolutely. In fact, we have had a much bigger menu with more purchasing power to ensure we can get exactly what you want. If we don't have it? Ask and our staff will order it from the growers on your behalf.

10. Will the new location know my history?
Our Willimantic team is working with the Mansfield team to get to know you. We want to make sure your regimen stays the same. Nothing is more important than your health. This is why we're keeping all records and making sure the team is there to ease this transition.

If you have any questions we may have missed please reach out to us. Our friendly staff will assist you in making this transition as easy as possible. We want to help ease this process and welcome you into our #finefettlefam.

Thank you and much love,
All of us at Fine Fettle

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