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Fine Fettle Flier #2 - Location, Ingestion, and New Products

Fine fettle dispensary interior

Fine Fettle Facts

We make it a point to answer every DM, review every comment, and engage with all patients in the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program (CTMMP). There are three elements of Fine Fettle that get the most love: layout and design of our dispensaries, the knowledge and friendliness of our staff, and our rewards program. Today, let's discuss our physical space.

Prior to opening, our COO went all over the country looking at dispensaries in both medical and recreational markets. In medical states, he thought that dispensaries felt clinical, sterile and like doctors offices.  No tan carpet, no couches with upholstery, no white lab coats. However, he loved that people were treated like patients with a knowledgeable and caring staff that was focused on patient outcomes versus sales.

Conversely, recreational dispensaries offered little opportunities for privacy and learning, The designs were a range from head shops to Apple stores and everything in between.

So, we took the best of both worlds. We tried to offer space for patients to look around at products (like an adult-use store), but ensure we kept to the law. This is why we built cabinets with glass shelving and added six televisions with specific product categories for you to see what we have in stock. This is why we have couches for you to sit and chat, but space for many registers.

With everything, Fine Fettle's goal is to reach patients for their individual wants and needs. Want to get in and out quick? Order online. Need a little more care? Hang out and chat with a pharmacist - for free, ALWAYS. Want to make your own experience? Smell and read at our terp station to understand cannabis better and what you're putting in your body.

If you haven't had a chance, come visit and see the time, thought, and love that went into building out Fine Fettle!

Cannabis Corner

What can you expect from the various methods of cannabis ingestion?

During Fettle Fest, we held a tutorial on ingestion methods, accessories, and joint rolling. Did you know that the CTMMP has over 15 types of cannabis products. Depending on your health goals, there may be something for you that you have not experienced. See below on what we have to offer and what you can expect. As always, if you're ever curious to know more, feel free to reach out to Debbie, Dennis, Eric, Shane, Michelle, or Pinkal in Willimantic or Newington!

Inhalation: Smoking Flower or Vaporization of Concentrates

  1. Onset: 1 to 2 minutes\
  2. Duration: 2+ hours (peak @ 30 minutes)\
  3. Notes: Cannabis concentrates or extracts differ in texture and consistency depending on the extraction process, quality of flower, along with the amount of heat, moisture, and terpene content.

Sublingual: Oral Sprays, Oral Solutions, Sublingual Strips, and Tinctures

  1. Onset: 15-45 minutes\
  2. Duration: 3+ hours (peak @ 90 minutes)\
  3. Notes: Sublinguals are designed to be used under your tongue. Tinctures and sprays are usually alcohol based so it may bring a sensation of heat upon ingestion. Nano-tinctures and oral solutions typically do NOT contain any alcohol. Nano-tinctures are best absorbed when diluted in liquid.

Oral Ingestion: Edibles, Capsules, Tablets, and Oils

  1. Onset: 30-90 minutes\
  2. Duration: 4+ hours (peak @ 2 hours)\
  3. Notes: Remember to start low and go slow. Edibles need to be metabolized through the digestive tract and therefore have a delayed onset of action. Don’t make the mistake of prematurely repeating a dose before the first dose goes into effect!

Topicals: Lotions, Creams, Balms, Oils, Sprays, Bath Salts/Bombs

  1. Onset: minutes - 1 hour (varies by product)\
  2. Duration: 4 to 6 hours\
  3. Notes: Cannabinoids typically do not enter the bloodstream when used topically on your skin. Instead, they work by targeting CB2 receptors throughout the body to relieve pain/inflammation. THCA and CBD may have better anti-inflammatory properties than THC. THC may be more helpful for pain relief.

References: Contemporary Routes of Cannabis Consumption: A Primer for Clinicians. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, February 2018, Vol. 118, 67-70. doi:​jaoa.2018.020
Backes, M, 2017, Cannabis Pharmacy, New York, NY, Black Dog & Leventhal

New Weekly Products!

Sativa: Sativarin

M CR T91.11 7736
Terpenes:**Linalool 0.17%
β -Caryophyllene 0.71%
Humulene 0.17%

Sativa: Detonex

T42 Premium
1 Pack Pre Roll 7848

**Terpenes:**α-Pinene 0.11%

Hybrid: Perraden

T56 CH 7847

β -Caryophyllene 0.30%
Humulene 0.11%

Hybrid: Hybridol P Second Cut

T25.85 7771

**Terpenes:**α -Pinene 0.12%
β -Pinene 0.13%
Limonene 0.51%
Linalool 0.14%
β -Caryophyllene 0.31%

Hybrid: Hybridol I Second Cut

T25.17 7743

**Terpenes:**Humulene 0.13%
Limonene 0.14%
Linalool 0.37%
β -Caryophyllene 0.36%

Indica: Indicol GH Second Cut

T56 CH 7847

α -Pinene 0.17%
β -Myrcene 0.29%

Indica: Hot Cocoa Mix

T10 7839

Single Serve - Add hot water or hot milk
*this product contains sugar, dairy, soy, gluten

Indica: Oral Drops Vanilla

7843 10ml (also available in Chai and Mint Chocolate)

Ingredients: MCT and Extracted Marijuana Concentrate



Fine Fettle Loyalty Program

Join the Fine Fettle Loyalty Program and, in addition to our wide range of cannabis products and accessories, you’ll get access to exclusive monthly rewards, special giveaways, promotional events, and much more!