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Take A Toke Through Time: Celebrating 4/20 with Fine Fettle

Graphic with text that says Fine Fettle Presents Four Twenty 2024

Every April 20th, a tantalizing aroma seems to waft through the air everywhere you go. That wonderful smell highlights 4/20, a day steeped in cannabis culture and festivity. At Fine Fettle, we're not just participants, we're enthusiastic hosts, transforming this different-kind-of-green day into a lively bash with our cannabis community, vendors, swag, and unbeatable discounts.

The Roots of 4/20: A High (School) History

It all started with a group of high school friends, known as the "Waldos," who embarked on a pot-fueled treasure hunt in the ’70s. Little did they know, their private joke—meeting at 4:20 pm to create their own cannabis timeout—would ignite a global tradition. Add a dash of Grateful Dead influence, and 4/20 spread like wildfire, from whispers in concert parking lots to headlines in mainstream media.

Why 4/20 Still Lights Us Up

Today, 4/20 goes beyond clandestine gatherings. It’s now a widespread, jubilant rally in support of freedom, culture, and community. It's a day that unites cannabis enthusiasts, advocating for education, legalization, and the undeniable joy of shared experiences.

Fine Fettle’s 4/20 Fiesta

This 4/20, Fine Fettle is going all-out to shine a light on cannabis camaraderie. With vendors popping up at our stores all day, we're setting the stage for discovery, connection, and celebration. And what's a party without giveaways? Expect to snag some cool swag like VIBES Rolling Papers gear in our raffle, including a cozy sweatshirt and, of course, papers. We're also dishing out exclusive 4/20 stickers and chillums to keep the vibes high!

And of course, it’s not 4/20 without a good cannabis bargain: Enjoy 20% off your full order when you pick 4 or more cannabis products!

4/20 at Fine Fettle isn't just an event. It’s a manifestation of the joy, community, and culture that cannabis brings into our lives and that we try to bring to yours. Join us in marking this day unforgettable by approaching it with enthusiasm, unity, and a touch of Fine Fettle flair. Let's make this 4/20 unforgettable!

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