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Cannabis and Mental Health: Tailoring Consumption with Personal Goals

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Cannabis and Mental Health: Tailoring Consumption with Personal Goals

Cannabis use in mental health has become a hot topic, especially through the COVID pandemic. We’ve suddenly had to work through feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression, and uncertainty.

Consumers visited dispensaries for the first time during COVID

Cannabis businesses across the country were deemed essential. Many who were naive to cannabis began their journey of experimentation. Forbes reported that legal cannabis sales were up 46% in 2020 compared to 2019. This was due to new customers purchasing from a dispensary for the first time, as well as existing customers increasing their usage.

In the college student population, USA Today reported that binge drinking is down, and cannabis use is up.

Effects of cannabis on mental health

Cannabis is being studied for its positive and negative effects on mental health, but the general recommendation is to tailor your cannabis consumption to align with your personal goals. Feeling depressed or lacking energy? There are certain strain types and products that may provide an uplifting/euphoric feeling and increase motivation.

On the contrary, if you’re experiencing PTSD symptoms/flashbacks at nighttime and cannot get a healthy amount of sleep, there are strains and products that may relax the body and mind and increase restorative sleep.

Those with anxiety may experience symptom relief with CBD alone or products that contain both CBD and THC, which can only be purchased at a dispensary.

Struggling through mental health may leave you feeling defeated and alone. Let your network of friends and family support you and know what options you have to work toward good health and good condition.

Looking for guidance in cannabis and health?

At Fine Fettle, our customers’ health and happiness is our number one priority, and we look forward to discussing your needs and guiding you along your journey with cannabis.

Explore products and order online for quick pickup at our dispensaries in Connecticut & Massachusetts. Not sure what’s right for your mental health? Come in store and speak to one of our team members. We’re ready and waiting for you!

About the Author, Eric Halpern, PharmD

Eric is a pharmacist at Fine Fettle Dispensary in Newington, CT. Eric advises patients in the CT Medical Marijuana Program on the usage of medical marijuana products for condition-related symptoms.

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