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Fettle Flier: Breezing Through January

Employees of Fine Fettle

Hey #FineFettleFam, welcome again to the Fettle Flier! I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! Do you have any resolutions this year? Well, I think that you're perfect the way that you are, but if your resolution is to save more this year, I’ve got a tip for you: soon you’ll be able to earn rewards points for attending Fine Fettle community events! Points are a great way to get discounts on your purchases, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements. And as always, referrals are a great way to earn a ton of points, so let everyone know that Fine Fettle is the place to be.

Last time we did a Q&A with Willimantic’s dispensary manager, Debbie. This time around, we’ll be checking in with Dennis, the dispensary manager at Fine Fettle in Newington. Before he was running things in Newington, Dennis was Debbie's partner in Willimantic, so patients at both locations already know how great he is. Dennis and I go way back: I was Dennis’s intern during my very first rotation of pharmacy school! Back then, Dennis was a great resource for both me and his patients, and in that regard, not much has changed.

Did you catch Fine Fettle at the UConn vs. Tulane men's basketball game a couple of weeks ago?

Q&A: Dennis, Dispensary Manager – Fine Fettle Newington

Where did you go to school? When did you graduate?
“I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy in 2009. During my first year at UConn, the men's basketball team won the NCAA National Championships! I’ll never forget my freshman year and how proud I was to be a Husky.”

How are pharmacists a valuable resource for CT MMP patients?

“We are here to help guide, make appropriate product recommendations, and go on this journey together with our patients to improve their quality of life. The program is set-up to empower our patients to be in control of their health and our job is to help our patients make the best informed choices to achieve their goals and meet their individual needs.”

What’s the biggest misconception about the medical marijuana industry?

“The prohibition surrounding marijuana, which is based on the misconception that it holds no medicinal value, is appalling to say the very least. We’ve made huge improvements in challenging this concept over the years and ensuring medical marijuana is available to those in need. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. We know marijuana is not for everyone; it’s not a cure-all and there can be some side effects that need to be thoroughly considered before starting treatment. With that being said, there is more evidence now than ever, that marijuana is a powerful medicine and our improved understanding of its benefits and risks should help challenge the wide range of misconceptions we hear today.”

What’s one thing about the CT medical marijuana program or cannabis industry in general that you wish you could change? How would you change it?

“I would love to see a shift in how patients seek out products that may best suit them. There is so much more to a product than its THC content or the fact that it’s a sativa versus an indica. We have so much new information about marijuana and how it works as a medicine, but as an industry, we’ve been challenged in finding the best way to apply that knowledge effectively at the consumer level. We need more studies and databases that explore marijuana and its interactions with other prescription medications; we need more strain-specific information that dials into terpenes and the other cannabinoids found in the plant, so we can better anticipate its effects; and we need to improve our understanding of how to best treat specific conditions through evidence-based medicine. As we continue to discover more and more about this amazing plant, my hope is that we can better tailor our individual treatment plans and optimize the medicinal value of cannabis.”

What makes Fine Fettle different from other Connecticut dispensaries?

“We have an amazing crew here at Fine Fettle that really make you feel like you are family. Each member of our staff is fully committed to delivering the best experience possible for our patients. We are evolving daily and we want to be the leaders of change without losing focus on what’s most important: our patients. We are proud to have some of the happiest and most loyal patients in the program that make us who we are today.”

Product Showcase

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Summit CBD 9:1 7892 DC Pure Vape Vape Cartridge, 0.5g

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Lustraden Flower SC T27% H 7898 Flower, 3.5g

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JenvaPure T350C2 8031 Vape Cartridge, 0.48g

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Haracept T27 8052 Flower, 2.5g

β-Pinene: 0.14% | β-Myrcene: 0.80%  | Ocimene: 0.21% | β-Caryophyllene: 0.19%



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