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Be Kind, Unwind

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By Brandon Wiseman – MA Marketing Coordinator

Starting your morning feeling well-rested can be a job in itself. Waking up to the sound of the alarm clock, hustling through the morning routine, and grabbing a cup of coffee before you head off and out the door. Bottom line: our daily routine doesn’t leave us much self-care time without us putting our foot down and demanding it. But taking the time to unwind is essential to not only physical and mental health, but productivity and overall well-being.

From sore and tense muscles, to headaches, and feeling run-down compared to your average level of energy. Not being able to relax while being stressed takes a toll on your body and mind. That’s why it’s essential to find something in your daily or weekly routine that you can spend on yourself, focusing on something that brings you happiness.

Being Outdoors – From hiking, gardening, walking or running, there’s so many diverse ways to enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors! Getting some very important sun, fresh air, and feeling the power of nature is a grounding experience for any age.

Night Routine – From shower steamers to bath bombs, bubbles to bath salts, or even organic sugar scurbs, there’s plenty of ways to take a little time to yourself while getting squeaky clean! Whether you want to soak your body or feet, there’s options for all of us, especially CBD-infused for those who need a remedy for those aches and pains to melt away.

Date Night – Planning to go somewhere, see something new, or eat at a new spot (or a favorite oldie!) is the perfect thing to do when life seems to get so busy, it can ground us! Maybe putting a little cash away and taking a weekend getaway with a partner, or going to an awesome convention with a friend, making new memories is a great way to unwind from the demanding daily grind.

Physical Activity – Whether it’s working out or working with your hands and creating something, actively making is a great way to relieve stress. Cooking or baking a new recipe you’ve been curious to try. Trying a new craft or project you’ve wanted to get to but haven’t yet. Finding a workout buddy to help you both have accountability for your routine and sticking to it. Releasing some endorphins and moving will wake you up, and working it into your routine will boost your energy levels.

Consuming – Consuming responsibly with either THC or CBD products can help relax us for various reasons, whether it be ingesting edibles or vaporizing flower. THC is a compound that when it reacts with our brain it’s reported to be a psychoactive effect which starts in the brain and can sometimes be felt in the body, while its counterpart CBD has no psychoactive effects and is reported to have sedative effects on the body. Our staff at Fine Fettle are trained to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing the right product. Please be sure to ask them any questions when purchasing, and if you’re new to cannabis consumption: Low (dosage) and Slow (before consuming again).

So make sure to book in your mental calendar to take a little time for you, and hopefully it’s not a one time thing but more of a recent development in your self-care routine. You’ll be feeling refreshed and renewed in no time whatever way you unwind. Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

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