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Have a Holly Jolly Cannabis Holiday: Make Thanksgiving Even Better with Cannabis

People cutting thanksgiving turkey

Top 5 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Thanksgiving Great

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so get your stretchy pants ready. It’s one of the only times a year where you can pile your plate sky high with delicious food and come back for seconds. But how can you make the Thanksgiving holiday even better? With cannabis, of course. Here are the top five ways cannabis can make your holiday a blast this year.

1. Take Feasting to the Next Level

COO of Fine Fettle, Ben, has this to say about his family’s Thanksgiving dinner tradition:

“Every year, Thanksgiving at my house is more than Thursday. On Saturday, my mom cooks for 60 family members, but NO TURKEY. Smoked brisket, ribs, mac and cheese, homemade caesar salad dressing, and (no fewer than 10 different types of) dessert. She does this after cooking for 20 on Thursday night with all the classics: turkey (never dry, she’s a pro), stuffing, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and more. Without question, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.”

That sounds amazing, doesn't it?

During Thanksgiving, comfort food, and loads of it takes center stage. Whether you go for the traditional oven-roasted turkey as the main entree, a vegan dish, or smoked brisket and ribs like Ben’s family, our mouths water just thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

So, how can adding cannabis to your holiday tradition make the meal an even better culinary experience? Make the most of this yearly pig out with nature’s premier appetite stimulator — cannabis. Not only that, but cannabis can make the food taste even better, too.

Start with a sativa strain like Silver Kush or Tangie to fire up your tastebuds. A quick hit before the dinner bell rings can make the meat more savory, mac and cheese cheesier, and dessert even sweeter this year.

2. Get a Little Help Tolerating Family

Almost every family has that one person (or many people) who’s just a little bit hard to handle on the holidays. Unfortunately, tensions can run high during the holidays when family members with long-standing feuds and clashing personalities are forced to socialize. The charged political climate certainly won’t help matters this year, either.

So what to do?

Uncle Bob starts complaining about the election results? Eat a cannabis cupcake. Grandma starts airing a grievance from 20 years ago against Great Uncle Mike? Get out your bong.

Cannabis can help you enjoy your holiday by taking the edge off and relieving some relationship-induced stress. Interpersonal strife and rude family members won’t bother you so much with a little help from your friend, cannabis, this Thanksgiving.

3. Improve Digestion

Anytime we stuff ourselves, indigestion and bloating are practically inevitable. The Thanksgiving meal is no exception. Adding cannabis to your Thanksgiving holiday means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort when indulging your tastebuds.

Cannabis is known to aid in digestion and reduce cramping, stomach upset, and acid reflux. If stomach issues are things you deal with regularly, adding cannabis to Thanksgiving can make this holiday far more enjoyable and relaxing for you. You can indulge without fearing the worst.

A discreet vape pen can help you relieve or prevent discomfort without drawing a raised eyebrow from that complainy-pants Uncle Bob or a barrage of questions from your cousin’s preschoolers.

4. Say Goodbye to Jet Lag

For many, the holidays mean traveling. If you have to go a long distance for Thanksgiving, jet lag can make the holiday season far less enjoyable for you. But cannabis can make holiday travel jet lag a thing of the past.

Many different strains of cannabis can make you drowsy, relaxed and help with sleep. If jet lag has you staying up way past your bedtime, add cannabis to your holiday travel routine. A high-quality indica strain like OG Kush will do the trick.

5. Feed Your Soul with an Attitude of Gratitude

The spirit of Thanksgiving is one of gratitude and thankfulness. With all we’ve been through this year, feeding our souls and thinking about what we have to be grateful for can help us heal and look toward the future with newfound hope and optimism.

If you’ve had a tough time feeling centered and optimistic this year, we totally understand. Get into Good Health and Good Condition. Feed the Mind, Body, and Soul.

When you’re in that state of mind, it can help you see where things are going well in your life and who or what you have to be thankful for and keep you going during a dark time.

Have a Happy Fine Fettle Thanksgiving

At Fine Fettle, we’re thankful for the end of cannabis prohibition in Massachusetts and customers like you. Stop in today at our Rowley dispensary. Our associates and cannabis experts are ready to help you find a cannabis product that’ll make your Thanksgiving a great one.

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