How to Transfer

How to Transfer Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Connecticut

If you already are a patient in the medical marijuana program with an active Medical Marijuana card, transferring dispensaries is a simple process. Follow these four easy steps or come in to the dispensary, meet with one of our team members, and get help completing this process.

Step Two

Click “I am a patient”, and then fill out Patient Identity (Date of Birth and Email)

Step Three

Click “Change Dispensary Facility”, select your preferred Fine Fettle location from the drop down menu, hit Save, and give yourself a high five!

Step Four

You can reach out to us (contact info below) or wait for your Welcome Email (should be received within 24 business hours of your transfer) to plan your first visit with us. Can’t wait to see you!


If you have any questions, please call us at 860-717-9333 in Willimantic or 860-333-9032 in Newington or email us at or If you would like assistance with your transfer or would like to meet with someone from our team, we are always here to help!


Question: How long does it take for my transfer to be processed?
Answer: It is immediately completed, so as soon as you hit save, you will be a Fine Fettle patient!

Question: Can I just transfer whenever I want?
Answer: Yes, but with a caveat. You may transfer dispensaries up to four times per year in Connecticut.

Question: If I leave a dispensary can I transfer back?
Answer: Absolutely, but it must be within your four allotted transfers in a year. (see question 2)