Welcome to the Fine Fettle Fam!

Welcome to the Fine Fettle Fam!

Dear Patients of Nature’s Medicines!

Fine Fettle has acquired Nature’s Medicines Dispensary in Mansfield. As a fully Connecticut-owned and operated company, we are incredibly excited to expand our footprint in our home state and serve patients with our warmth, customer service, and true family-like atmosphere.

As a company, we believe in creating a true family atmosphere within our dispensary. We like to use the term #FineFettleFam. For us, that means treating everyone with incredible respect and individualized care. It is important we get to know our patients, you get to know us, and we create a bond and partnership to help ensure cannabis can get you in Good Health and Good Condition. We like to have fun, to give back, and we love being a part of the Connecticut Medical Marijuana community. To see how our patients feel about us, we suggest checking out our reviews on Google, Leafly, Facebook, Weedmaps, and more. We feel 100% confident that you will feel at home, cared for, and loved as a part of our #FineFettleFam!

We have made a decision to close Nature’s Medicines in Mansfield at a to be determined date over the next few months. We plan to keep the Nature’s Medicines employees and bring them on board in our Willimantic and Newington locations. So, you will have familiar and friendly faces starting tomorrow when you transfer to Willimantic! Even while staying open, hours will be reduced in the Mansfield location in late May or early June.

We will be moving the license to Stamford, CT under the Fine Fettle name and brand. We hope you all become a part of Fine Fettle and, as you will see below, we are doing what we can to welcome you with open arms and discounts!

Our teams at both Mansfield and Willimantic dispensaries have been trained to answer all your questions and direct you through the transfer process as seamlessly as possible. In addition to everything attached within this letter, all staff members will have information, transfer forms, answers, and love for any questions and help you may have as we go through this transition process.

What We are giving you to say, “WELCOME”

It is of the utmost importance to us that your transition to Fine Fettle is warm, welcoming, and easy. So, we are committed to the following for every patient who stays on with Fine Fettle in either Willimantic or Newington

  • Receive five (5) $10 credits to Fine Fettle, automatically. Not including any rewards points, this will save you $50 over your first five visits at Fine Fettle. This is our way of saying, “Welcome!”
  • Keep all existing rewards points and have them transferred into Fine Fettle’s rewards program. We firmly believe our Fine Fettle Club is the best around! We are confident you will be very happy with the money you save in our program.
  • Receive a welcome gift as you join Fine Fettle.
  • Be eligible for Fine Fettle’s Compassionate Need (financial hardship), Veterans, and senior citizen discounts, which are automatically added savings to your profile.
  • In early June, we plan to host a Patient Appreciation event as a welcome to the #FineFettleFam, complete with discounts, food, swag, and fun!
  • We will be moving most to all of the staff from Mansfield onto our team in Willimantic and, potentially, Newington.

We cannot wait to show you what being part of the #FineFettleFam is all about. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram and check out our website at www.finefettle.com.

We are excited to meet you and work with you to be in Good Health. Good Condition.

Much love and welcome!

-The Fine Fettle Team

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